How to Detail Faded Paint by Hand (Paint Correction)

katma 22 Mar 2020
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Learn how to detail a car with faded, scratched, paint. I will show you how to do paint correction by hand, how to remove swirl marks, how to restore faded trim, how to restore headlights, and finally how to fix sun damaged paint. I got this car for $500 and it wasn't running and was super dirty. Now the car runs and looks dripping wet!
Website I found the car on:
Ceramic Coating:
Buffing Microfiber Pad:
Color Match Paint:
Automotive Clear Coat:
Wheel Cleaner:
Tire/Wheel Shine:
Detailing Brushes:
5000 Grit Sandpaper:
Trim Adhesive:
How to Fix a $500 Car that Doesn't Start:
How To SuperClean Your Engine:
How To SuperClean Your Windshield:
How To SuperClean Your Car:
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    11 aylar önce

    Hopefully you guys like the video! It's basically 4-5 videos in one with tons of info on how to get your car clean!
    So we can avoid the same comments over and over, check the description for all the links! Also, yes, ChrisFish is me, and not an impostor. It is my second channel I will start this year for when I go fishing, which I love to do. It is my way of still "working" and not feeling bad about going out fishing instead of filming, editing, or answering comments. Now I can do both!
    Here is the detailing products I used: Ceramic Coating:
    Buffing Microfiber Pad:

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      when you do the compound and polish and wax will you have to do the whole vehicle or can you do spot

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      Also send the video of auctioning the car...with the new your another new vlog channel.



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    Just bought a 2000 chevy tahoe limited and it's been sitting for 7 yrs but my husband will fix it and I will make sure I can restore the paint after watching this video. Wish me luck😉

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    So i did this yesterday and everything was fine but today when i wanted to do the rest of the car. The compound and polish just dryed on the paint and i had to wipe it off with water. Nothing got off from wiping it with a dry towell.
    Why does it start drying all the sudden.
    And Is it bad to wipe it off with water?

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    13:30 its way easier and quicker to just roll the masking tape to achieve the same effect

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    Ya know, people that watch this video feel so suddenly motivated, and yet when I think about doing this to my car, I just think.... Man ChrisFix works really hard in his videos

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    Thank you - detailing is confusing. Starting to get a handle on it by watching your videos.

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    Can I use these product on good paint or just paint that need restoration?

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    He makes money off flipping cars plus he makes money off YouTube and sponsors I love it!
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    Any recommendations to restore the look of the rubber trim around all my windows and windshield? The rubber trim on my '98 Ford Explorer looks great wet, but when dry the trim is a cloudy chalky white/grey. At this time, I really can't afford to replace every bit of visible rubber trim on this monster. I have no leaks, the rubber trim just looks bad.

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